Oxygen Therapy

What is Oxygen Therapy (Treatment)?

Oxygen Therapy refers to breathing 100% oxygen under pressure (in a baro-chamber – which is like a small room) for one hour, to correct a lack of oxygen in the tissues and cells of the body. It’s important to understand that, on any everyday basis, we are only breathing about 21% oxygen.

Why is pressure necessary?

As oxygen is poorly soluble in the blood, it is also necessary to use a higher pressure. The higher pressure acts to help more oxygen to dissolve in the blood, which allows more oxygenated blood to reach the impaired regions and/or body parts – thus helping to aid and/or resolve the health issue.

What are the Benefits of Oxygen Therapy?

Some reported benefits of the treatment include – improvements in the following areas:


  • Circulation
  • Vision
  • Speech
  • Reduction in injury recovery time for professional sports people
  • Sleep & sleep quality
  • Memory & concentration
  • Balance & co-ordination
  • Bladder & Bowel control
  • Pain, inflammation & stress levels
  • Energy levels
  • Mood & sense of well being

In Multiple Sclerosis (M.S) specifically, Oxygen Therapy can help with the management of symptoms (as specified above) and with long-term regular use, Oxygen Therapy can help to slow down the progression of symptoms.

What to Expect on Therapy Day?

You will sit in a comfortable chair breathing oxygen via a hood (and seal) or mask, whilst sitting in a barochamber (a pressure chamber – which, again, is like a small room). Barochambers are pressurised up to twice normal atmospheric pressure. The pressure inside the barochamber is increased by using compressed air, and oxygen is provided by a built-in breathing system.

Sessions normally last for about 1 – 1 & 1/2 hours, depending on depth, & many people use this time to relax, read, listen to music or do puzzles/play games.

The oxygen therapy is administered by trained operators.

We offer three depths at this centre: 1.5 ATA (which is the shallowest depth, and the depth at which new people will start on) 1.75 ATA and 2 ATA (the deepest depth).

How to Obtain Therapy?

Oxygen therapy provided by the Cambs Therapy Centre’ is a ‘self-help’ therapy. We are a non-regulated service which is not overseen by any medical professionals, so the person receiving oxygen therapy takes the decision as to whether they use the baro-chamber to breathe the oxygen.

Prior to using the baro-chamber, we will consult the oxygen helpline to make sure we achieve the best protocol for that person.

However, prior to starting a course of oxygen therapy, we will require you to obtain acknowledgement of the therapy from your Doctor – we will provide you with the relevant paperwork upon request.

Our baro-Chamber will currently seat up to eight people, wheelchair users are welcome.

What Sessions are Available?

Please contact the Centre for days and times